Detective Pikachu Plush+ Giveaway

Greetings everyone! It's been such a long time since I last posted, I've been busy trying to finish up my degree. I did take some time out to go out and have some fun though :)!

I was lucky enough to find the Detective Pikachu plushies and complete the set, minus Mr. Mime and Mewtwo because... they scare me ^^; I also made a video review of the plush and the sounds they make. I added the upc codes in the description so that if you're looking for them you can find them.

I also picked up an extra snubull for a giveaway if you all are interested. More information is on the Youtube video itself.

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2017 Sales of Plush!

Greetings all! I will probably be making this the official sales post for Legendary Sales! I hope you enjoy <3!

I was granted sales permission on 6/3/12 by entirelycliched
I AM NOT responsible for lost packages. No refunds if package is lost.
I accept paypal only unless otherwise stated.
I am willing to negotiate prices and payment plans.
I ship on Mondays and Fridays.
I ship Worldwide: You pay for custom fees. I am not responsible.
My feedback…/legendaryluna/
I ship out of Michigan.

Today I come to you all with bandai, tomy, and more plush! Please note, I am not responsible for ANY custom fees, lost packages, etc. I do not mark the customs on the packages my postman does that. Also, I will not check your tracking number 100 times, if tracking doesn't work then I will look into it but I can not help what happens after it's out of my hands. Refrain from buying if you are not ready for any fees or are hesitant in general. Also, please state if you are 100% committed. No backing out or else I will report.

Bandai Friends plush:
Mew: $15
Marill: $15
Squirtle: $10
HootHoot: $15
Clefable: $20
Chansey (has small bit of dirt): $15
WigglyTuff: $20
Oddish: $20
Togepi: $15
Bulbasaur: $12
Ivysaur: $15
Meowth: $12
Poliwhirl: $15
Snorlax: $15

Kutta Kutta Plush
These are extremely rare!
kutta kutta.jpg
Togepi (Has Tags!): $50
JigglyPuff: $50
Squirtle: $75
Meowth: $100

Tommy Fuzzy Plush:

Bulbasaur: sold
Sentret: $65
Ledybug: sold
Lapras: $25

Reversible Squirte: $15

Christmas Plush:
Togepi (both Tags)$25
JigglyPuff (both Tags): $25
Snubbull: (Both Tags) $35
Squirtle: $15
Marill: $30

Mewtwo: $20
Deoxys: $15
Tepig: $5
Keldeo: $12

Older Banprestos:
Entei: $50
Clafairy( has dirt): $20

Takara Tomy:
Froakie tto: $20
Deerling: sold

No tagged plush:
Snivy: $12
Tepig: $12
Keldeo Pokedoll: $15

Bapresto Ditto Pikachu Tagged: $30

Eevee berry promo: sold

Please feel free to ask if you want any more pictures!